• The change of viagra drug occurs only after receiving the results of the PCR analysis and bakposev, the obtained contents of the inflamed Bartholin's gland.

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This analysis allows you to identify the sensitivity of the infection to certain drugs.
Means are also prescribed that have a detrimental effect on the anaerobic microbial flora that lives in closed cavities, candles, as well as anti-high fever and painkillers. In addition, the disease can and should be cured with the help of physiotherapy procedures.

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They are an auxiliary tool that is used by the doctor to eliminate pain and residual effects of local inflammation in the Bartholin's gland. The operation is carried out if conservative methods are either ineffective or for some reason cannot be used. If no improvement occurs within 2-3 days from the start of antibiotic therapy, procedures may be prescribed to promote faster abscess formation. When fluctuations appear and to relieve inflammation, an operation is performed on bartholinitis. The abscesses are opened from the inner wall of the labia minora, during which the purulent contents are completely removed, and then a solution of 3% hydrogen peroxide or another antiseptic is injected into the cavity of the former abscess. To ensure the outflow of purulent secretions, a special tube is inserted into the gland, which is removed after a few days. In parallel, a woman is prescribed a course of sildenafil and suppositories, ointments (for example, Vishnevsky or Levomekol).
If, despite the opening and treatment, bartholinitis recurs, inflammation periodically recurs or a purulent fistulous tract that does not heal for a long time remains, a radical operation, extirpation is necessary, that is, removal of viagra gland along with its excretory duct.
Also, a retention cyst is subject to surgical treatment with complete removal of viagra pills online of the gland. In this case, it is advisable to perform the operation outside the period of exacerbation.
Sometimes the Bartholin's gland becomes swollen and contains a clear fluid (mucus) but not pus. Since its main excretory duct is located between the anus and the vagina and is rather narrow, it closes at the very beginning of the inflammatory process (edema), the contents of the functioning gland stagnates, the channel expands, takes an oval shape and a false abscess occurs.
The gland itself and the surrounding connective tissue remain healthy. The tumor can be quite large, reaching the size of a pigeon or chicken egg, and this is quite uncomfortable. There is no inflammation of the Bartholin gland, and the edema occurred simply because the duct of the gland is blocked.
As a rule, in order to get rid of the cyst, a specialist gynecologist needs to perform a small operation - an opening of viagra gland to release the fluid and make sure that it does not accumulate again. Often a doctor will do this by performing a procedure called "marsupialization".
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This means cutting open the cyst and leaving it open with the drain on for a while, like a kind of tiny "pouch". Although this mayturn out to be a little disturbing for you, in fact, marsupilization (opening of bartholinitis) will allow the tumors of the labia to decrease, and the process itself to calm down in the near future. So soon you will feel good and the intimate place will look normal. Basic services Prices Gynecologist's visit 2500 Flora smear 450 PCR for latent infections 450 General blood test 950 Bacteriological culture of discharge with selection of antibiotics 1750 Opening of bartholinitis 22 000 Local anesthesia, imp. 1 unit 2,500 Postoperative treatments 1,500.
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Treatment of bartholinitis at home. When the nature of the course of the disease is not acute, it is possible to take some measures at home. The attending physician should be aware of all ointments, medicines and measures taken by his patient. If a woman has folk remedies, the recipes of which she found on her own on the Internet or received from third parties, the possibility of their use should be discussed with the gynecologist beforehand. This will help determine whether bartholinitis can be treated with one or another "folk remedy" and how this can affect the patient's health.
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One of sildenafil 50 mg to prevent any inflammatory processes in the genitals is to carefully observe the norms of intimate hygiene. As an option, we offer a deep cleansing of the vulva and vagina - find out more by clicking on the link below ☟ Heart block - causes, symptoms, treatment, degrees and implantation of a pacemaker.

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This type of blockade is possible in healthy people and in patients with coronary heart disease, inflammatory diseases of the heart muscle, in case of poisoning, with an overdose of certain drugs (cardiac glycosides, quinidine, verapamil). With a pronounced degree of blockade, the patient may experience fainting and even attacks of loss of consciousness with convulsions. Sometimes such a blockade can turn into another rhythm disturbance - atrial fibrillation or flutter.